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Corvinus University of Budapest; Budapest, Hungary;
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The purpose of this research is to develop and evaluate a scientific information exchange model at digital library on Internet of things. In order to attain the objective, the model’s components are extracted first.
This study is a developmental study using mixed method consisting of documentary, focus group, data modeling, and quantitative evaluation methods. The study population in the documentary section includes the study of information resources retrieved in related subjects. The study population in the focus group section consists of 9 experts in “Internet of things” and “digital library”. Data gathering procedure was done by applying a checklist, and Edraw Max, Protégé, evaluation tab of Protégé software is applied for the analysis.
Based on the findings of the documentary method (examining 10 core models and ontologies in the field of Internet of Things, physical and virtual objects), 44 key concepts, 108 sub-concepts, and 62 attributes constitute the primary core elements of scientific information exchange model at digital library in the context of internet of things. The findings showed that the 9 main classes, namely “end-user”, “librarian”, “microcomputer”, “digital library server”, “automated information services”, “physical resources”, “virtual resources”, “information resources on the digital library server”, and “security” in general model of scientific information exchange are very contributive. In general, 27 sub-classes and 38 attributes are identified for the main classes for this purpose. In this model, the way the classes communicate and interact with one another is illustrated to justify this theme. The evaluation of the model showed that the hierarchical structure of the concepts is not dense and some types of property and property restriction have not been considered.
To make use of Internet of Things in libraries, the modeling of all the essential elements and properties of the internet of things in libraries must be incorporated into a model that constitutes the logical structure of the digital library scientific information exchange database system. This model can serve as a database map for database professionals and designers.
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Type of Study: Research | Subject: Internet of Things (IoT)
Received: 2020/05/5 | Accepted: 2021/06/13 | Published: 2021/12/14

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