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Punctuation in Persian (46285 Downloads)
آئین چکیده نویسی (31956 Downloads)
Status of research methods used in the dissertations of graduates from Tabriz University of Medical Sciences (Assistantship, MD, Board and MSc) for the years 1996-2006 (28343 Downloads)
How to Cite Electronic Sources in Academic Research (27004 Downloads)
Job Satisfaction among the Staff Surveying Employed at Data Processing Section of The National Library of Iran (21720 Downloads)
  Geographical Information System (GIS) application study for cataloging of Geo-science documents held by IRANDOC (18452 Downloads)
Organizational Blockout: A novel Approach in Knowledge Management (15094 Downloads)
Singular and Plural in Indexing (14949 Downloads)
Effective Factors on the Use of Internet Banking Services by Customers (Case: Mellat Bank) (13513 Downloads)
Interpretting Information Based on Quantum Theory of Physics (Quantum Theory of Information) (11594 Downloads)
پردازش گروه اسمی (11534 Downloads)
E-learning A new paradigm in the age of information (11378 Downloads)
Meta-analysis: An Approach to Synthesizing and Evaluating Research on Knowledge and Information Science (11265 Downloads)
The Need to Employ Knowledge Management to Boost the Quality of Services in Modern Organization, Especially Libraries (11228 Downloads)
Evaluation of the Efficiency of Cloud Computing Models in E-learning Services (10504 Downloads)
A Review of Information Retrieval Models trol (10102 Downloads)
Evaluation Criteria of Information Retrieval Systems: What We Know and What We Do Not Know (9648 Downloads)
The proposed architecture of the Internet of Things based recommender systems for intelligent building in Tehran (9129 Downloads)
Description and Analysis Pattern for Theses and Dissertations (8681 Downloads)
Information Literacy standards (8616 Downloads)
Designing a fuzzy expert system for selecting knowledge management strategy (8445 Downloads)
An Approach to Managing and Organizing Text Documents Using Intelligent Text Analysis (8105 Downloads)
A New Classification Scheme for Libraries and Information Centers (8078 Downloads)
Measures for evaluating electronic resources with emphasis on websites (7875 Downloads)
Identify and rank key factors influencing the adoption of cloud computing for a healthy Electronics (7539 Downloads)
Information security technologies: A classification approach (7521 Downloads)
Information Access in Libraries: Methods and Problems (7413 Downloads)
Using Fuzzy DEMATEL Technique to Ranking Knowledge Management Strategies (7038 Downloads)
A Survey of Level of Excellence in National Library and Archives of I.R. of Iran Based on EFQM Excellence Model (6929 Downloads)
Comparison and Evaluation of Semantic Search Engines (6862 Downloads)
The effect of knowledge sharing behavior on organizational performance (Case Study: Iranian Space Agency) (6832 Downloads)
نقش اطلاعات و ارتباطات در جهان امروز (6826 Downloads)
Index and Indexing Assessment: Criteria and Standards (6686 Downloads)
پارامتر هسته و نمایه سازی مقایسه ای بین گروه اسمی انگلیسی و فارسی (6556 Downloads)
جستجو در اینترنت:آشنایی با موتور جستجوی «گوگل» (6499 Downloads)
The Invisible Web (6465 Downloads)
Identification and ranking of the risk factors of cloud computing in State-Owned organizations (6386 Downloads)
Applying Clustering Methods in Drawing Maps of Science: Case Study of the Map For Urban Management Science (6379 Downloads)
نقش منابع هوشمند در مدیریت دانش (6238 Downloads)
Analyzing IS User Requirements using Organizational Semiotics (6111 Downloads)
Corporate Culture Prevailing on University Central Libraries and its Impact on the Extent of Knowledge Management Implementation (6110 Downloads)
Study of Teachers’ Access to and Utilization of ICT in the Middle-Schools of Metropolitan Isfahan (6052 Downloads)
Investigation of the Digital Gap between Generations in Terms of the Familiarity, Interest, and Usage of Information and Communication Technology (6029 Downloads)
Evaluation of Persian Professional Web Social Networks' Features, to Provide a Suitable Solution for Optimization of These Networks in Iran (5984 Downloads)
Identifying and Ranking Guidelines for the Successful Deployment of Knowledge Management Models Using APQC (5944 Downloads)
Information retrieval in the Web: beyond current search engines (5907 Downloads)
مبانی نیازسنجی اطلاعات (5892 Downloads)
Investigate the relation between the media literacy and information literacy of students of communication science and information science and knowledge (5889 Downloads)
Acceptance Of Internet Banking In Iran: Extension of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) (5872 Downloads)
Knowledge Management Application in Measurement of Organizational Maturity (5768 Downloads)
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