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Organizational Blockout: A novel Approach in Knowledge Management (33697 Views)
Acceptance Of Internet Banking In Iran: Extension of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) (31788 Views)
Information, communication and technology and Knowledge Management in Iran (30254 Views)
Status of research methods used in the dissertations of graduates from Tabriz University of Medical Sciences (Assistantship, MD, Board and MSc) for the years 1996-2006 (29456 Views)
Description and Analysis Pattern for Theses and Dissertations (28974 Views)
Usage Level of Non-Farsi Periodicals within Arts Library and Determination of Core Journals (28883 Views)
Investigating the Link between self-citation and authors’ co-incidence with journal impact factors in Iran: Case study of Economic Journals indexed in Islamic Science Citation Database (28211 Views)
A Comparison of Online Search Skills among Public Medical Science Students of Bandar Abbas and Rafsanjan Universities in 2008- 2009 (27961 Views)
Ebook Evaluation Criteria: A Proposed Checklist (26835 Views)
The Role of Personality Features on in Information- seeking Bahavior of Graduate Students at University of Tehran (2006-2007) (26736 Views)
Copyright in Digital Environment (26531 Views)
نمایه نامه مقالات اطلاع رسانی در نشریات خارجی (25135 Views)
نمایه نامه مقالات اطلاع رسانی (24717 Views)
Measuring satisfaction rate of Shiraz University Students with Pars Azarakhsh (OFOGH) user interface and analysis of some of its significant design elements (24480 Views)
Corporate Culture Prevailing on University Central Libraries and its Impact on the Extent of Knowledge Management Implementation (24346 Views)
Users’ assessment of Ghadir Project (Tehran 2004) (24048 Views)
Citation Analysis and Histographic Outline of Scientific Output in Agriculture Using Science Citation Index (2000-2008) (23685 Views)
The Idea of Learning without Constraints of Time and Place in Library Sciences in Developing Countries (23204 Views)
Intelligent Model for Measuring Organization Maturity in E-Business (22985 Views)
An applied model for measuring the knowledge sharing capability (22984 Views)
Users’ Expectation from the User Interface Screen of an Academic Digital Library (22779 Views)
E-learning A new paradigm in the age of information (22703 Views)
نمایه نامه مقالات اطلاع رسانی (22507 Views)
Importance of digital reference desk in special libraries and guidelines for design of digital reference desk software with emphasis on reference services (22437 Views)
Information Science and Technology Quarterly: A Bibliometric Study (22244 Views)
WEBLOG: A New Vista for librarianship and Information Sciences (22007 Views)
Factors Impacting on Development of IT and E-Commerce in SMEs (21924 Views)
Assessment and Comparison of Search capabilities of Web-based Meta-Search Engines: A Checklist Approach (21533 Views)
Marketing library services to the Net Generation (21529 Views)
Information Management: Concepts and Application (21527 Views)
Review of issues experienced by remote users of Databases operated by Regional Information Center Of Science and Technology (21492 Views)
Study of Online Electronic Information search skills among Ph.D. Students at Faculty of Geography, University of Tehran (21418 Views)
Database Graphic User Interface correspondence with Ellis Information Seeking behavior Model (20962 Views)
A Webometric Investigation of Visibility and Collaboration of Iranian Nanotechnology Websites (20802 Views)
Co-authorship of Iranian Researchers in Science, Social Science, Art and Humanities Citation Indexes in the Web of Science between 2000 and 2006 (20747 Views)
Information Literacy Competency For Higher Education (20709 Views)
Content analysis of Library and Information Science theses and dissertations held with IRANDOC 1994-2004 (20618 Views)
Correlation between Scientific Output and Collaboration among LIS Scholars around the World [as Reflected in Emerald Database] (20596 Views)
Influenceof IT on School's Educational Systems (20398 Views)
Science and Technology Output Indicators in the Islamic Republic of Iran: A Case Study on the Relevance between Patents and Scientific Products of Iranian Inventors (20040 Views)
Distance Education and the Reference Librarian (20036 Views)
School libraries Pathfinders (19905 Views)
Historical overview of emergence and development of online retrieval (19902 Views)
Investigating Organizational Readiness of Implementation by Considering Knowledge Management Effective Success Factors (19895 Views)
Quality Assessment of Library Website of Iranian State Universities: (19756 Views)
Job Satisfaction among the Staff Surveying Employed at Data Processing Section of The National Library of Iran (19750 Views)
Patrons’ Satisfaction with the Services of the Central Library of the City of Tabriz (19698 Views)
A Webometric Analysis of ISI Medical Journals Using Yahoo, AltaVista, and All the Web Search Engines (19697 Views)
Feasibility Study of Document Delivery Services in Special Libraries in Tehran (19669 Views)
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