A Webometric Investigation of Visibility and Collaboration of Iranian Nanotechnology Websites



The present investigation intends to review the extent of visibility, impact and collaboration of Iranian nanotechnology websites using webometric method of link analysis. The sample consists of all websites dealing with nanotechnology in Iran. Findings showed that these sites have low visibility, web impact factor and page count. Iranian Nanotechnology Initiative, Nano Ideas and Iranian Nanotechnology Association had the highest number of inlinks and therefore highest visibility, while Nanotechnology Department Website had the lowest visibility. Findings also indicated that Amir Kabir Technical University Nanotechnology Committee website, Iran Nanotechnology initiative and Nano Ideas websites had the highest web impact factor, while Kashan University Institute for Nano Science and Technology had the lowest web impact factor. It was further established that Iranian Nanotech websites collaborate within two clusters. A Multi-dimensional scale was used.