A service-oriented architecture for generating and sharing science and knowledge in the e-science environment




The excellence of a society relies on the importance of science in the community. In this century, by the emergence of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), the generation and sharing of science has been very fast. The e-science terminology has been developed to introduce such revolutions. Also the progress of the society depends directly on the efficient generation and sharing of the science. Therefore, in this study, for the first time in the scientific community of Iran, the e-science issue was investigated. Thus, in this paper based on the novelty of the issue, after the introduction of e- science, a service-oriented architecture is presented in this environment. The components of the proposed architecture are based on three significant facts: data, computations and communications each of these components, individually have different elements. These components were extracted according to features of the architectures of related researches. These components together, facilitate generation and sharing of the science and knowledge. Finally, to illustrate the proposed architecture and relations between components, a case study is surveyed.