An Investigation of Knowledge Management Processes in the Websites of Digital Library of Iran




The purpose of this study is to identify Knowledge Management Processes in Iranian digital library websites. This is an applied research. Statistical population of the study consists of 11 digital library websites. In order to collect data, a checklist was prepared by the researcher and then data were analyzed by (through) descriptive and inferential statistics. The findings showed that the survey of knowledge management in digital libraries is lower moderate. While the studies components scored, process identification 1.79, process acquisition 1.67, development 1.34, sharing and distribution 0.82, utilization 2.06 and retention 1.8 were lower moderate. This study which aimed to survey the Knowledge Management Processes in Iranian digital library websites is of the first once in attending Knowledge Management Processes in Iran and it can have an important role in introducing Knowledge Management Processes to digital libraries softwares developers.