Scientific mapping of Iranian Inventor’s Patent Database(IPD) during1970-2014




Patents, one of the important outputs of science and technology, have a tremendous role in wealth creation from knowledge and knowledge-Based economy. Patents are important indicators of determining the rate of a country progress in creativity development. This study, using scientometrics, identifies core inventors and highly cited (hot) inventions, and investigates the level of co-operation of Iranian inventors with other Iranian and non-Iranian co-operators in international patent databases, including United States Patent and Trademarks (USPT), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), European Patent Office (EPO) and Japanese Patent Office (JPO), between 1970 and 2014. Microsoft Excel has been utilized to analyze the data. Also, Gephi software (8.2 edition) is used in order to depict the related scientific maps. The results of the research showed that the average of all Iranian invention registration in international databases has been 10.8 % per year. The most number and the most cited of inventions are in human necessities categories (agriculture, food stuffs, hygiene, and recreation). Besides, the least number and the least cited inventions are in paper and textiles category. All in all, 1054 Iranian inventors with foreign counterparts have had cooperated to register 475 patents, in which Iranian contribution rate has been 2.2%. The results also indicated that, the invention growth rate in international database had been rising in such a way that in 2014 the most number of inventions had been registered. Additionally, the inventions had been founded on the most prominent necessities of human being.