The Impact of ICT on Knowledge Sharing Obstacles in Knowledge Management Process (Including Case-Study)




Today, knowledge is known as a valuable asset in any organization so management of such insensible asset is one of the factors cause success in organizations. But knowledge can be effective when it is shared across the organization. Therefore, knowledge sharing is a key element in the process of knowledge management. However, the role of inhibiting factors on knowledge sharing process in organizations cannot be denied. This study aimed to check the impact of ICT on knowledge sharing barriers in one of the mobile operator, in Tehran. In order to do this descriptive- illative study, after assessing the barriers of knowledge sharing and classified them into three categories: organizational, technological and individual and preparing the questionnaire according such information, from 900 staff of the headquarters of the organization, 500 members were selected randomly and asked about the obstacles regarding knowledge sharing and the impact of ICT in solving these problems. After collecting the answers, numerous results were obtained with the use of charts and tables. The results indicate the existence of a positive relationship between the impact of ICT on barriers to sharing knowledge in the knowledge management process, as 75% in the case of institutional barriers, 62% on individual problems of knowledge sharing and ultimately 66 % regarding technological barriers, ICT was able to contribute to solving problems.