Science and technology policy maker’s information needs in Iran




Science and technology (S&T) policy makers need up to date and comprehensive information on different entities in S&T domain to make appropriate policies. This research with the aim of determining information needs of S&T policy makers in Iran has studied the different aspects of S&T policy maker’s information needs and information sources are used by them. Qualitative approach with qualitative survey method is used for doing this research. Required data are gathered using semi-structured interviews. The results revealed that S&T policy makers need up to date, integrated, comprehensive, and summarized statistical and analytical information about different entities in S&T area in the form of different indicators. Their required information covers different types of entities in S&T domain including human resources, research organizations, products, research funding, publications and research projects. The results showed that currently policy makers obtain their required information from different sources including statistical centers, reports, databases, organizations, and experts. Developing a comprehensive information system containing information about different indicators and entities in S&T domain and existing of professional centers able to provide consultancy service for policy makers are very useful for them.