Does Knowledge Organization Have a Paradigmatic Movement?



This paper aims to review the changes over time in the field of organization of resources to determine if the movement and progress of knowledge organization are based on/ or influenced by scientific and philosophical paradigms. These changes have been analyzed from the paradigmatic perspective toward the organization of information and knowledge organization.
The method of this research is a historical overview. The review has been carried out in various texts based on Thomas Cohen’s theory.
Findings show that knowledge organization movement is based on developing philosophical approaches. Also advancements in information technology have been affected by forming ontological vision of knowledge organization.
Results show that knowledge organization has a paradigmatic movement. Paradigms based on philosophical approaches such as pragmatism and experientialism have greatly influenced the knowledge organization. These changes in philosophical approaches, along with the changes in the technologies used in organizing knowledge, have created paradigms in the organization of resources. The tendency to organize knowledge in the twenty-first century is the result of changing the paradigm in this area.