A Framework for Knowledge Management System in the Cloud Computing Environment and Web 2.0



Today, data, information and knowledge are very important assets for organizations and the effective management of knowledge is considered a way to gain and sustain a competitive advantage in a highly dynamic environment of the organizations. With the growth of information and communication technologies, cloud computing and Web 2.0, as new phenomena, recommend helpful solutions in the field of knowledge management. In this article, we introduce and review various models of the cloud-based knowledge management systems at first, and then we present a framework for knowledge management system in the cloud-computing environment. The proposed framework consists of seven main components. To compare to the other reviewed models, in this framework, additionally, we used the numerous benefits of cloud computing such as reducing the cost of hardware and software, flexibility, accessibility at any time and place, collaboration, etc. where we tried to concerning the great capability of cloud computing for gathering knowledge and providing business intelligence infrastructure.