The Role of trust and dependence on the performance of information systems in the knowledge-sharing process In ICT of the municipality of Shiraz



One of the main challenges of knowledge management in today’s knowledge-based economy is encouraging people to share their knowledge. Knowledge-based structures due to the pressing need for participation and trust-based approach should be pursued, because creating and sharing knowledge requires a high level of confidence and optimism in the relations between members of the organization together. It is considered especially in information and communication technology-based organizations, because they are largely composed of groups that their ultimate goal is the successful implementation of information systems projects. This study aimed to investigate the relationship of trust and dependence among individuals in the successful sharing of information across the organization. A survey implemented to examines the opinions of experts and managers of Information and Communication Technology Organization of Shiraz Municipality. After data collection and preparation, conceptual research model analyzed by structural equation modeling. The results show that communication between members has positive and significant impact on the trust of information systems group. Also, it has found that the effect of knowledge sharing among members is meaningful on increasing performance of the department of information systems.