A Scientometrics Study of Iranian Retracted Papers



This is to study Iranian retracted papers indexed in Web of Science (WOS) in various structural and content-wise aspects from the beginning to 2017, to identify cases that have ended up to retraction, and finally, to investigate the relationship between retraction and publication of these articles. The final research population is 103 papers out of 320872 using scientometrics method with content analysis approach. The result shows that the retraction rate has increased from the year 2008, but there is no significant correlation between this rate and publication rate. The citation rate and international scholarly communication in these articles is very low. Most of the papers have been written by three and more authors and different areas of science have been retracted while pure sciences, engineering and medicine were the most. The highest type of scientific misconducting was plagiarism. In short, there is a significant growth in retraction rate of Iranian papers in WOS.