Factors Affecting the Development of Competencies in Information and Communication Technology for Faculty Members: A Qualitative Study



The purpose of this study was to identify the factors affecting the competencies of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) of faculty members of Islamic Azad University of Tehran in order to improve the status quo. The present study was applied in terms of data quality and in terms of research method of content analysis. Participants in this study were selected based on theoretical principle of saturation, including 16 faculty members, such as professors, managers and ICT specialists who were selected through purposeful and theoretical sampling. The data collection tool is a semi-structured interview. Data were analyzed using MAXQDA software in three stages of open, axial and selective coding. Data validation was done using the verifiability method by the contributors. Based on research findings, effective factors on the development of ICT competencies of faculty members were identified and categorized in four categories including four environmental and technical factors, cultural factor, legal factor, technological factor, and nine dimensions and 37 indicators.