A search on the scope of IoT definitions to provide a comprehensive definition



As a growing issue, there is no formal, universally accepted definition of the Internet of Things. Browsing the literature  in this area, one finds that  that every single researcher and organization has interpreted this technology as they understand it. As a result, 116 various definitions of this emerging technology have been proposed so far. This research  is an attempt to better understand and master the definition of the Internet of Things; the research is carried out through the method of browsing the literature and reviewing the relevant texts. All relevant but varied definitions and descriptions have been exhaustively to provide a definition that could be used as a reference for the stakeholders who want to understand the concept of the Internet of Things. An examination of the definitions provided in this area showed that many of them have  common similarities. In this article, a comprehensive definition of the Internet of Things derived from the scientific definitions available in articles, books, and websites of various global organizations is provided. Finally, the authors provide a fairly comprehensive definition of the Internet of Things that is not an absolute definition of the true meaning of the term in question, but is expected as part of its research and development for a clearer meaning of the term. This study provides a comprehensive overview of the definitions offered in the scope of the Internet of Things and can be useful for those who are new to the Internet of Things or researchers who want to delve deeper into the field.


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