Constructing the ontology of the Persian stock and financial markets

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 It is very difficult to predict stocks and commodity price index
due to the presence of many and influential uncertainties. With the help
of the accumulated information available in the current digital age and
the power of high-performance computing machines, there is a lot of
focus on designing algorithms that can learn stock market trends and
successfully predict stock prices. Therefore, it will be very useful to
create appropriate knowledge bases in order to increase the accuracy
and efficiency of these systems and to facilitate the routine of using
conventional knowledge in machine learning systems. The purpose of
this research is to develop a Persian ontology for modeling the stock
market and identifying factors affecting the stock market. The created
ontology will lead to the enrichment and completion of the capacities
of the existing knowledge bases in this field. For this purpose, in this
research, a domain-specific ontology has been developed in the field
of stock market and financial markets, which was prepared in Persian
language by the authors of this research. After introducing this ontology,
the details of the steps required to collect relevant data, semi-automated
development and evaluation of this knowledge resource are described.
The constructed ontology includes 565 concepts, 496 hierarchical
relationships, 137 non-hierarchical relationships, and 937 samples that
have been evaluated with various criteria and have a favorable status. It
seems that this ontology in the current conditions and according to the
evaluated volume and quality, is quite suitable to be used as a source
of knowledge to improve the performance of machine learning systems
for stock forecasting, and it can also be used to training stock market
analysts and creating a knowledge base for brokerages, improving the
process of retrieving semantic information and helping to determine the
investment strategies of individuals in investment funds


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