Investigating the Impact of Skill-Based Capabilities on Help Seeking Behavior of Digital Libraries Users




Purpose: The purpose of this research investigating the impact of skill-based capabilities on help seeking behavior of digital libraries users. Methodology: the present research was carried out using a mixed method. With using of Stratified Purposive Sampling, 39 MS and PhD students of Ferdowsi University was selected as a sample. The tools that are used for collecting and analyzing data are questionnaire, think aloud protocol and Morae software. Results: results of path analysis showed that Information literacy variable has a stronger impact on users` help seeking behavior than computer literacy variable. Results also confirmed that information and computer literacy have a reverse impact on frequency of help seeking situations and help uses. But the information literacy variable has only a reverse impact on frequency of help requests with users in this research. The results confirmed the necessity of offering computer and information literacy instructions to digital library users especially when they encounter with problems in help seeking situations. Then, some recommendations to upgrade digital libraries` help facilities with considering different users skill capabilities are submitted in the end of article.