A Framework for Creation & Diffusion of Knowledge for Knowledge Management in Enterprise 2.0




Certainly in modern organizations knowledge & its management is basic & one of the most important issues. Powerful organizations in knowledge management are pioneer & always are in the first line of competition. It is obvious that rate & quality in creation, dissemination & use of knowledge are competitive advantage for organizations. As regards modern organizations use technology & new tools, enterprise 2.0 is known as a good organization in use of web 2.0 tools & high cooperation of staff. Passing of Enterprise 1.0 to Enterprise 2.0 & try for creation &diffusion of knowledge in Enterprise 2.0 have its own problems that without knowing of them & a certain framework, the probability of success is very low. This Research presents the framework of creation & diffusion of knowledge in Enterprise 2.0 according of library resources & presents learning 2.0, communications 2.0, generated content & collaboration 2.0 as 4 stages of creation &diffusion of knowledge in Enterprise 2.0. Then we investigate any of stages according of human, knowledge & technology. Also this research emphasizes that for creation &diffusion of knowledge in Enterprise 2.0 in addition of web 2.0 tools usage as a good communication tools, Cultural interaction, Consultation & association in a free Environment are very important too.