Designing Semiautomatic System In Ontology Structure by To Co-occurrence word Analysis and C-value Method (Case Study: The field of Scientometrics of Iran)




Ontology is one of formal concepts and the relations in the specific regions.It have recently tried to design the learning, automatic methods of Ontology. Whereas Ontology containing concepts and the relations, exploiting concepts, the semantic relations among concept. The various Ontology of regions and different applications are expensive processes that are automatic.The lack of main knowledge such as terminology, the database of knowledge, gaining knowledge of Ontology will make problem in different fields.The present study tries to gain knowledge in the science-logy of Iran due to semi-automatic method that exploit the knowledge of Ontology, therefore, at first, the documents of Domain were collected by digging-text method, automaticfeature, then, it was in the next step that C-value method of main concepts were exploited, they were branched by documents of k-means method due to TF-IDF, key concepts were exploited.Finally due to co-occurrence method of words, the hierarchy of concepts were presented by comparing close, common methods in learning Ontology structure.