Data Sharing: International and National Approaches



Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have significant role in producing research data in different scientific fields. These data not only lead to generate fields based on research data, but also cause to produce a new paradigm or approach in research which is called Fourth Paradigm or Data Intensive Researches. These researches are based on data sharing by researchers, organizations and scientific societies. These data can be reused by other researchers. Data sharing is considered as a norm in some of scientific fields. The present article, that uses library research method, investigates the approaches, actions, policies and relevant regulations on data sharing in papers, regulations and stakeholder’s websites in scientific and non-scientific databases. Besides national and international organizations, and scientific publishers in the world require data sharing as a condition of publications. Because of the universal agreements and accepting data sharing by many organizations and scientific fields and due to its benefits and applications, it seems that development of this issue can be an important step on science and research policy making and lead to more research impact in the country.