The Effect of Information Limitations on Information Usage of Tehrani Youth Users



This research tries to study the effect of information limitation on the users’ tendency toward using Internet information amongst adolescents and youth in Tehran. After reviewing research theoretical and practical literature, using internet has been defined as using it for gathering information for task and professional purposes like scientific use and news reading. Theoretical explanation of the information limitation effect on users’ tendency has been possible based on sociological and communication theories. In relationship between two mentioned variables, two moderator variables – social and economical status and use experience- has been studied .The research method is survey and research data has been gathered using questionnaire. Our population is 15 to 29 years old adolescents and youth in Tehran. Assessing data gathered from 384 respondents show that adolescents and youth have average tendency toward information using. Hypothesis testing shows that information limitation has a negatively significant correlation with users’ attitude. Based on the research, users’ experience and social and economical status don’t have a significant correlation with the information limitation effect on the users’ tendency.