A Comparison of the Features of the Shahid Chamran University Research Information Management System as a Research Knowledge Repository of the University with Criteria of an Optimum Knowledge Repository



The aim of this study is to investigate the status of Shahid Chamran University’s management knowledge repository as part of the university’s repository of organizational knowledge, identify problems and provide solutions to improve the system it is.
As a practical research, the study followed the survey method which was administered as a case study. To collect data about the views of experts and faculty members of Shahid Chamran University interviews and questionnaires were used. All relevant experts were interviewed and a questionnaire was distributed among sample society selected by stratified-random sampling method Findings showed that faculty members have more or less positive attitude towards the existing system and the assignment of their works in it and the existence of such a system is useful. Despite the problems, almost all members use the system but, we must bear in mind that as user acquaintance with system grows, their partnership will increase. So, the need to inform the public about the system and holding periodic and regular quality workshops is felt .Attention to system problems and solutions provided by users will improve the status and help its promotion and advancement of research knowledge repository of research knowledge repository of university.
By further improving this system we can hope an important part of the infrastructure necessary for the implementation of knowledge management at the Shahid Chamran University is provided.