Ontology and its Applications in E-Learning



The aim of this study is to design an ontology-based electronics learning system. The present research is a descriptive research in terms of its purpose and methodology. In the present study, to explore the main concepts of the field of e-learning, we reviewed the published articles and sources of information on e-learning. Finally, the main categories of e-learning areas including human resources, technology infrastructure, and educational content were identified. In the present study, the basis of the method used to extract semantic concepts and relationships, the knowledge engineering approach, and the basis of the method used to create ontology is top-down method. Protégé software 3.5 was also used to build an ontology. In this study, seven stages were used to construct ontology, including determining the scope and ontology coverage, determining the ontology hierarchy, determining the conceptual pairs, determining the classes, describing the characteristics, defining the quarries and creating the sample. According to the results of the study, the proposed method can be used to complete and develop the proposed ontology for e-learning.